Former Hamilton Mayor and Liberal MP Endorses Pete Wiesner

Hamilton Centre has not had a voice in the provincial government for nearly 30 years. The upcoming by-election provides an opportunity for voters in Hamilton Centre to elect an MPP with a seat at the table in the PC government.

In my opinion Pete Wiesner is the best candidate to represent Hamilton Centre. His skills and work history make him ideally suited to confront the serious issues residents in downtown Hamilton are concerned about; safety in our neighbourhoods, social justice, a sustainable economy to grow employment for our young people, and of course… housing.

Pete’s work leading the Crisis Response Branch for the Hamilton Police Service has brought him face to face with so many whose lives are in distress. His work has been the subject of several media articles, including in this newspaper, acknowledging the positive influence he has had on marginalized residents, which has enhanced his knowledge of every neighbourhood in our riding.

Other candidates, whatever their strengths, will not have the ear of Premier Ford, and as a result they’ll be stuck on the sidelines unable to deliver for Hamilton. In my case, as the federal Liberal MP for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, I was able to advocate directly to the Prime Minister for our steel industry, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in investments to help protect local jobs. The best way to get things done for the people of Hamilton Centre is to elect a candidate from the governing party.

Election results are normally evaluated based on Party results. By-elections have a small turnout, and the results don’t typically impact the governing party. But the Premier can’t help but take notice if a PC candidate is chosen to represent Hamilton Centre at Queen’s Park.

Current elected representatives in downtown Hamilton have strained relationships with the Hamilton Police Service, as does the NDP candidate who has organized numerous defund the police protests. In contrast, Mr. Wiesner has worked in law enforcement for 27 years and has dedicated his entire career serving the people of Hamilton Centre.

Like many downtown residents I’ve experienced property theft, met victims of anti-social behaviour, and even physical threat in what is a definite downward spiral in quality of life in the core. Who better to hold an important position within the provincial government than someone who understands the Police Services Act and knows the streets and neighbourhoods that make up our community.

Hamilton Centre needs an MPP with a direct line to the decision makers in government to bring the change we so desperately need. I have always voted for the person I feel is the best candidate, regardless of party affiliation. In this by-election I’m supporting Pete Wiesner.